Bathtub Photography

Bathtub Photography

It was so fun taking these photos for Reina Mora’s single Trouble. This was the first time I’ve ever done bathtub photos and it was a blast. Scroll to the bottom to see her single Trouble!

Hair and Make-up: Heather Steele | Designer: Adele Jackson| Model: Singer Reina Mora

Bathtub Photography_9463.jpgBathtub Photography_9465.jpg Bathtub Photography_9464.jpgBathtub Photography_9466.jpg Bathtub Photography_9467.jpg Bathtub Photography_9468.jpg Bathtub Photography_9470.jpg Bathtub Photography_9469.jpg

I also took some with my Mamiya film camera. These were taken with Portra 400 film and a 80mm 2.8 lens.



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