Boho Bride Inspiration

Boho Bride Inspiration
If you are looking for a boho bridal gown this one is perfect! Monika modeled this lovely Laundry by Shelli Segal gown. I’m obsessed with bougainvillea and this big beautiful plant has been blooming like crazy near my house. Monika was a real sport crawling into it for me. People around probably thought we were crazy but she looks stunning and it was all worth it! She popped on her personal pair of Prada glasses which turned her super glam!

Boho Bride Inspiration_9067.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9068.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9069.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9070.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9071.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9074.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9076.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9075.jpg
Boho Bride Inspiration_9077.jpg


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