Charleston Wedding Shoot

Charleston Wedding Shoot

I had so much fun doing this Charleston wedding shoot. Charleston is one of the most beautiful places. Every single corner is perfect for a photo op.

Charleston Wedding_0700.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0701.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0699.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0685.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0686.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0687.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0689.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0688.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0691.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0694.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0713.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0690.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0692.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0693.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0711.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0706.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0695.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0698.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0697.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0696.jpg

A few of my tourist photos.Charleston Wedding_0703.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0704.jpg

The line for this place was crazy.
Charleston Wedding_0705.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0708.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0707.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0710.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0712.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0714.jpg

Did a ghost tour which was super fun!
Charleston Wedding_0715.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0717.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0709.jpg
Charleston Wedding_0716.jpg

Best pecan pie at Magnolia’s! 
Charleston Wedding_0718.jpg

Vendors for the shoot! Hair and Makeup: @alterimagecharleston | Bouquet: @okflorist | Dress: @bhldn | invitations: @piachellacalligraphy


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