El Matador Beach Maternity

El Matador Beach Maternity

It takes a brave couple to do a photoshoot at El Matador. It’s a steep climb down and then you have to deal with the wind and high tide. Edica and Ron are troopers! They are the sweetest couple and are going to be amazing parents! Thank you Renee for introducing us!

El Matador beach maternity_6437.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6438.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6439.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6440.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6441.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6442.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6443.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6444.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6445.jpg
El Matador beach maternity_6446.jpg


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  • Zoila Margules says:

    I’d love to have you take shots of my family.
    Please contact me. Thank you!

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