Happy Place

Happy Place

If you love taking photos and looking for a fun place to go then I suggest you head over to Happy Place. Located at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles. Happy Place is a massive tent with large size installations and fun backdrops. Each room has a different theme. There’s a love room, a super bloom room and my favorite a confetti room.

Happy Place would be the perfect place to bring kids. There’s a room with a pot of gold for you to jump into. What kid wouldn’t love that? Plus the food is so fun and colorful. I had a rainbow grilled cheese and the most extravagant unicorn sundae by yellow business that I’ve ever seen! Happy Place is definitely a photographer’s dream. There are so many possibilities for photos. I’m glad I got to check it out with my friend Alisha. It ends May 27th and sells quickly so if you want to go don’t delay!

Happy Place_0146.jpg
Happy Place_0147.jpg
Happy Place_0148.jpg
Happy Place_0149.jpg
Happy Place_0150.jpg
Happy Place_0151.jpg
Happy Place_0152.jpg
Happy Place_0153.jpg
Happy Place_0154.jpg
Happy Place_0160.jpg

Happy Place_0155.jpg
Happy Place_0156.jpg
Happy Place_0157.jpg
Happy Place_0158.jpg
Happy Place_0159.jpg
Happy Place_0161.jpg
Happy Place_0162.jpg
Happy Place_0163.jpg
Happy Place_0164.jpg
Happy Place_0165.jpg
Happy Place_0166.jpg
Happy Place_0167.jpg
Happy Place_0168.jpg
Happy Place_0169.jpg
Happy Place_0170.jpg
Happy Place_0171.jpg
Happy Place_0172.jpg
Happy Place_0173.jpg

Happy Place_0174.jpg
Happy Place_0175.jpg Happy Place_0176.jpg
Happy Place_0177.jpg
Happy Place_0178.jpg
Happy Place_0179.jpg
Happy Place_0180.jpg
Happy Place_0181.jpg
Happy Place_0182.jpg
Happy Place_0184.jpg

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