Southern California Home

Southern California Home

I met Justine Krolikowski at a wedding I photographed this year. When she invited me to her home for her husband’s birthday I loved how she decorated it and asked if I could photograph it! Here’s a few of my favorite photos of their beautiful home!Serendipity Garden Weddings_3918.jpgSerendipity Garden Weddings_3920.jpgSerendipity Garden Weddings_3922.jpgSerendipity Garden Weddings_3921.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3932.jpg
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Serendipity Garden Weddings_3937.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3938.jpg
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Serendipity Garden Weddings_3911.jpgSerendipity Garden Weddings_3905.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3906.jpg
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Serendipity Garden Weddings_3951.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3955.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3956.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3957.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3958.jpguntitled-126Serendipity Garden Weddings_3959.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3960.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3961.jpg
Serendipity Garden Weddings_3962.jpg

What do you do for a living? I am a Travel Manager for ABC’s Shark Tank.

What made you choose this house? I fell in love with this house the minute I walked in the front door. The open space in the living room & kitchen drew me right in and the pool in the backyard helped seal the deal too!

Which room did you decorate first? We painted the living room accent wall “Denim blue” before we moved anything else in.

Our Style: A little bit of everything – traditional, natural, contemporary, rustic & earthy.

Inspiration: Vintage treasures, Earth tones, Beach Cottage, Contemporary chic, Rustic feminine.

Favorite Element: Exposed Wood

Biggest Challenge: Little closet space

What Friends Say: “I love what you’ve done with your house, can you come decorate my house?”

Biggest Embarrassment: Dusty hardwood floors. Having a pet makes it hard to constantly keep them clean.

Proudest DIY: My husband & I custom built our master bedroom closet. Since the house was built in 1952 it doesn’t have the modern day walk in closet that we wanted so we combined two smaller closets to make one larger one.

Biggest Indulgence: The large wood beam fireplace mantle, which was my first purchase for the house.

Best Advice: Play with accent pieces. I usually buy an accent piece I love, for example a sand hourglass, without an idea of exactly where I want it to go. I’ll keep moving it from spot to spot in my house until I find it’s “home”.

Dream Sources: Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Urban Home, Home Goods, Target.

My Favorite room in the house is the Kitchen; it’s where I spend the most time. We have plenty of counter space so I wanted to take advantage of displaying pictures, baking supplies, coffee and candles – everything that makes me feel happy and at home. Our next project is to add backsplash in the kitchen.


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    From the tank to DIY TV. Love you

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